The BSC Tools are installed under /apps/BSCTOOLS


  • Use module load extrae to configure the extrae version according to the compiler and MPI modules you are using.
  • Under $EXTRAE_HOME/share/examples you will find examples/templates to instrument your application. To use one of the examples, please copy the corresponding directory on your home/scratch/...
  • In many cases you can use your production binary and just modify the job script. For instance, for OpenMP applications add

    export LD_PRELOAD=$EXTRAE_HOME/lib/
    export EXTRAE_CONFIG_FILE=extrae.xml

  • Since 2022-07-07 and due to security reasons, to access performance counters, it is necessary to add #SBATCH --constraint=perfparanoid to the jobscript.
  • More details on how to use Extrae is described on Section 6.6 of MareNostrum user manual.
  • The instrumentation package has a large list of configurable options that are specified on an xml file. To learn more about the available options and their parameters, please look at the $EXTRAE_HOME/share/example/MPI/ld-preload/extrae_explained.xml file.
  • The Extrae manual contains a complete description of the tracing package