Dear users,

We're happy to announce the public release of Extrae 4.0.0 with new
features and bug fixes. Please, check the ChangeLog at the end of this email for
more details.

As usual, it can be found installed in BSC's machines under /apps/BSCTOOLS/extrae,
and can be loaded through the modules command.
It is also available to download from our webpage and from GitHub.

We hope you like the new additions and kindly request your feedback on the use
of the new version.

Happy tracing!

[ + added, - removed, * changed ]
* 23Mar2022 Applies corrections in MPI_Comm_spawn support
* 08Mar2022 Reworks synchronization methods to work with and among multiple apps
+ 08Mar2022 Adds option to disable rpath per dependency
+ 04Mar2022 Adds option to disable rpath in the objects built
* 02Mar2022 Fixes OpenACC states
* 25Feb2022 Adds rpath to MPI libraries and improves the AX_FIND_INSTALLATION macro
* 16Feb2022 Changes user function instrumentation to work with function names only, using function adresses as fallback
+ 16Feb2022 Adds support for GOMP_taskloop_ull and changes interposition mechanism for a more robust one
+ 24Jan2022 Adds OPENACC instrumentation in host and CUDA devices
* 14Jan2022 Reworks allocated memory tracker and removes need for critical zones
+ 04Jan2022 Adds XML option to exclude some MPI_Comm_* calls from tracing
* 16Dec2022 Assigns same ID's to Infiniband counters ignoring Mellanox driver version
* 09Nov2021 Updates and upgrades CUDA support
* 09Nov2021 Ensures native and uncore counters are uniquely identified
* 19Oct2021 Fixes trace control file checks, skipping them if needed structures are not allocated
* 09Oct2020 GASPI parameters now start at 1 and PCF has labels to their actual values
+ 01Oct2020 Adds instrumentation support for gaspi_queue_create/delete
+ 30Sep2020 Adds instrumentation support for gaspi_read_notify & gaspi_read_list_notify
* 27Sep2021 Fixes states in OpenMP taskgroup and taskloop regions
+ 22Sep2021 Adds dependency lines between instantiation and execution of OpenMP tasks for GNU libgomp runtime
+ 09Sep2020 Adds callers at GASPI instrumentation points
* 07Sep2020 Fixes notification_id parameter for gaspi_notify_waitsome & gaspi_notify_reset
+ 06Sep2021 Adds missing wrapper for __kmpc_critical_with_hint
+ 31Aug2021 Extends communications matching algorithm to support applications calling MPI_Irecv and MPI_Wait from different threads
* 24Aug2021 Fixes unreleased mutex in xtr_hash_query and xtr_hash_add
* 05Aug2021 Creates new event handler for ADD_RESERVED_MEM_EV and SUB_RESERVED_MEM_EV
* 05Aug2021 Fix wrong arguments for mpi_win_lock and mpi_compare_and_swap wrappers
* 03Aug2021 Makes CPUID event start at 1
* 03Aug2021 Sampling temporal files not created if disabled in XML
+ 03Aug2021 Reads PC on RISC-V architecture to add support for time sampling
* 06Jul2021 Adds L3 store misses offcore counter PEBS sampling (closes #62)
* 06Jul2021 Adds new option ([-no]-translate-data-addresses) to mpi2prv (closes #61)
* 06Jul2021 Fixes calloc() behaviour (closes #60)
* 06Jul2021 Fixes realloc comment in mpi2prv (closes #59)
* 06Jul2021 Fix for missing symbols of libraries loaded dynamically (closes #58)
+ 27May2021 Adds support for MPI_Dist_graph_create_adjacent and fixes bug in xtr_MPI_Comm_neighbors_count parameters
* 26Jan2021 Checks if EXTRAE_PY_CEVENTS is not empty before checking its value
+ 29Sep2020 Adds configure option to disable instrumentation of pthread_cond_* calls