Extrae 3.8.0 is out!

Dear users,

We're happy to announce the public release of Extrae 3.8.0 with new
features and bug fixes. Please, check the ChangeLog at the end of this post
for more details.

As always, it can be found installed in BSC's machines under /apps/BSCTOOLS/extrae
and can be loaded through the modules command.
It is also available to download from our webpage and from GitHub.

We hope you like the new additions and kindly request your feedback on the use
of the new version.

Happy tracing!

The new Extrae 3.4.3 has been released!

[ + added, - removed, * changed ]
* 14Feb2017 Fixed conflict between sampling and I/O tracing where we would capture I/O calls inside the sampling handler
* 13Feb2017 Fixed critical bug in __kmpc_fork_call due to the use of the non-reentrant par_func variable to store the user task pointer
* 13Feb2017 Upgraded Dyninst compabitility to series 9.x
* 31Jan2017 Fixes bug in libdwarf detection macro
* 12Jan2017 Fixes shared-libraries tests being compiled during 'make' instead of during 'make check'