Dear users,

We are proud to announce that a new version of Paraver, 4.11.0, has been released!

You can download it from the Downloads page.



- New vector-based trace load system that optimizes memory usage and improves load time.
- Changed some predefined and extended colors brightness in the paraver palette to improve its visibility depending on background luminance.
- Adapts what/where text to light/dark desktop theme using system text colour.
- Added Alternative Gradient Color Scale (Red-Yellow-Green).
- Save image now available for grid view in histograms.
- Changed "Custom delta" to "Fixed delta" in "Num Columns" histograms property.
- Added option to fix the columns current sort in histograms.
- PROFET: Changed command flags support ("Socket" by default, --memory_channel on selection).
- PROFET: Added cfg hints based on 9400000{1-7} types.
- Use web browser to open external http links coming from the RunApp dialog output.
- Kill the running process when closing RunApp dialog.
- Renamed stats to prvstats.

- CPU timelines with compose thread funcion "Timer" set doesn't compute the burst duration properly.
- Fixed memory crash when loading some timeline configurations using a trace with a huge number of nodes and cpus.
- The button to select compatible timeline in Create Derived Dialog is missing when running under MS Windows.
- Derived CPU timelines seems to wrongly use the value of the first CPU (or thread) to set the beginning of the semantic value.
- Fixed missing histogram compute gradient in save cfg options.
- Fixed segfault on histograms with no cells displayed.
- Fixed histogram save image background due to some bug in wxWidgets Render method that makes Row headers renders with transparency.
- Wrong Hints menu update when changing over traces.
- Disabled assert gtk message in events selection dialog.
- Pressing Enter key while editing workspace name crashes wxparaver.
- Fixed crash when cutter xml configuration was selected without any opened timeline.
- Fixed cutter crash if huge trace header and not original time option set.
- Fixed wrong double slash in RunApp commands path when not coming from a cut trace.
- Tutorials Download dialog hangs giving no error messages in machines without network access.
- Paramedir and wxparaver crashes in ssh session if missing environment variables LANG or LC_*.