Dear users,

We are proud to announce that a new version of Paraver, 4.11.2, has been released!

You can download it from the Downloads page.



- Performance improvements in Trace Cutter and Filter.
- In Trace Cutter, Hardware counters reset at first occurrence, and event types range extended to consider Hardware counters.
- Data window hidden in properties for communication histograms.
- Removed flag -obj in paramedir. Now is the default behaviour.
- Update frequency improvements in progress bars.
- Profet runapp flags small changes.

- Fixed "Undefined error" in zipped traces with huge lines.
- Progress dialog is not shown for compressed traces.
- Linked fields in basic mode cfgs bad behaviour if windows have the same name.
- Paint As->Gradient Func->Log not saved in cfgs.
- Fill state gaps not well drawing when states have zero duration.
- Progress bar never hide when process is over.
- Fixed crash when selecting objects over a hidden window.
- Solved a expensive process when autosave session is triggered over traces with lots of objects.
- Fixed crash in Trace Information Dialog if no pcf exists for selected trace.
- Fixed crash in cutter when threads have no states.