We're happy to announce the public release of Extrae 3.6.1 with new features and bug fixes.

It is available to download from https://tools.bsc.es/downloads.

We hope you like the new additions and kindly request your feedback on the use of the new version.

Happy tracing!

[ + added, - removed, * changed ]
* 19Sep2018 Fixes bug in variable declaration in 'free' wrapper
* 18Sep2018 Fixes bug in OpenMP common wrapper hook points
* 18Sep2018 Removes debug for OpenMP Fortran wrappers
* 17Sep2018 Fixes race condition when issuing install in a parallel make (closes #18)
* 17Sep2018 Fixes memory corruption when reading CPU frequency (closes #17)
* 17Sep2018 Translates UF symbol addresses to find symbols in dynamic libraries
* 17Sep2018 Increases maximum number of threads for IBM XL OMP runtime helpers to 256 and removes checks when the IBM runtime is not hooked
* 17Sep2018 Adds wrapper for taskgroup construct in Intel runtime
* 17Sep2018 Fixes dlsym loop when trying to obtain the pointer to calloc
* 17Sep2018 Solves infinite loop when getting the real pointer for 'free'
* 09Jul2018 Fixes compatibility of pyextrae with Python 3
* 13Jun2018 Activates library auto-init by default in all tracing libraries (closes #5 #12)
* 06Jun2018 Implements OpenMP Fortran wrappers
* 05Jun2018 Refactors functions and structures used in the requests hash table