You can download it at:

- Extra compose levels can be added by user
- Timeline selection uses tree selector to identify the trace
- Auto redraw can be disabled in main window
- Basic mode cfgs shows properties for all windows in a hierarchy (derived timelines or histograms)
- New scale for negative values
- Histogram information on mouse over cells shows semantic label instead of value when in code color
- Trigonometric compose functions
- Added not null gradient for histograms
- Save image through signals. It enables the possibility to use scripts to generate a bunch of images
- New draw modes "Maximum abs." and "Minimum abs. not zero"
- Delete a windows keep next one selected

- FIXED: cloning derived timelines parents force redraw to update contents
- FIXED: disabled assert when filtering traces with no state selected
- FIXED: paraver crashes if timeline is changed while editing event selection dialogo
- FIXED: code color histogram shows black color for values outside min/max semantic range
- FIXED: cutter generates communication records with zeros on sender
- FIXED: Event translator issues
- FIXED: save text progress dialog
- FIXED: timeline name when created from histogram
- FIXED: Compose Delta same value issue
- FIXED: saving cfg of derived windows replicate timelines