We're happy to announce the public release of Extrae 3.7.0 with new features and bug fixes.

It is available to download from https://tools.bsc.es/downloads.

We hope you like the new additions and kindly request your feedback on the use of the new version.

Happy tracing!

[ + added, - removed, * changed ]
+ 02Apr2019 Adds support for changing num_threads in OpenMP parallel constructs
* 29Mar2019 Changes order in which MPI env vars are checked to discover process' task id during auto init
* 28Mar2019 Extends support for PEBS sampling on Skylake processors, xml 'period' attribute changed to 'frequency'
+ 27Mar2019 Adds missing user_lock routines in kmp runtime
- 27Mar2019 Removes warnings for ambiguous `if` and non-std99 compliant `for`
* 27Mar2019 Fixes incorrect states for MPI_Win_flush_* calls
* 27Mar2019 Breaks infinite loop in signal handler (closes #19)
* 26Mar2019 Installs Python modules only if their support is enabled by `configure`
* 26Mar2019 Fixes bug in configure mis-detecting libiberty even if it is not available (closes #7)
- 26Mar2019 Reverts partial support for nested OpenMP in Intel KMPC runtime
+ 26Mar2019 Adds instrumentation support for Mprobe, Improbe, Mrecv, Imrecv
* 26Mar2019 Reverts commit 1a215e849f to stop using dladdr to translate UF from dynamic libraries
* 25Mar2019 Fixes missing worksharings in GNU and Intel OpenMP
+ 25Mar2019 Adds pyextrae.pthreads module
* 25Mar2019 Fixes timestamp of rusage and memusage events
+ 25Mar2019 Adds functions in pyextrae to toggle the profiler on/off
* 25Mar2019 Fixes compatibility issue with cudaStreamLegacy available since CUDA 7
* 25Mar2019 Fixes bug in initialization of OmpSs tracing (only master thread was detected)
* 24Jan2019 Always use POSIX clock except if it is disabled setting the EXTRAE_USE_POSIX_CLOCK environment variable to 0