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- New semantic derived function "controlled: enumerate" with reset
- Added regular expression search in events selection dialog
- Added sampling option (-m) to clustering section in run application dialog
- Allow name change for output trace in clustering section in run application dialog
- Changed semantic palette starting color to 1 instead of 0 in order to avoid mistakes with background color
- Added session loading by command line
- Added histogram shortcuts for scrolling in grid view
- Added gradient scale to timeline save image
- Added workspaces activated by trace states
- Some workspaces hints improvements

Bugs fixed
- Histogram progress bar wasn't properly updated when only 1 row shown
- Void cfg file saved when control timeline was selected without selecting its associated histogram
- Wrong zoom times when loading timeline from clustering using cutted trace
- Run->Cutter crashes paraver in Mac OSX
- Wrong short labels in event selection dialog and timeline mouse over info
- Semantic zero color not checked when default option clicked in preferences dialog
- Wrong exit value for command line -h and -v flags
- Wrong histogram statistic when loading basic mode cfg
- Bad session file crashes paraver
- Wrong hint loaded when two of them have the same description
- Wrong output trace path in Run->Cutter menu option
- Derived semantic function "controlled: clear by" didn't use consecutive burst with same value
- Wrong trace header parsing for year with two digits
- Wrong zero termination events when cutting traces
- Malformed workspaces xml user file crashes paraver