Dear users,

We are proud to announce that a new version of Paraver, 4.9.0, has been released!

You can download it from the Downloads page.




* Improvements for Windows: ported to MinGW, which allows OpenMP tasks and loading compressed traces.
* Added alternative methods to change the name of a window through the window tree, by pressing the F2 key or with right mouse button -> “Rename”
* Option to load a CSV file as a state trace
* Option to Import/Export custom workspaces.
* Improvements on synchronization groups’ behaviour: group creation is more efficient, you can delete any other group from the pop-up menu (i.e. no need to access the group to delete before), and loading synchronized CFGs will preserve their sync hierarchy.
* Added “Download” button to automatically download and install tutorials from
* Load CFG dialog now displays the CFG’s description
* Added “Previous Sessions...” submenu into the “File” menu, also allowing the recovery of the last auto-saved session from a list.
* Added “External applications” tab to Preferences Window that manages apps selection to open external text or PDF files
* Added “Show dialog for crashed auto-saved sessions on startup” checkbox to “Global” tab in Preferences Window
* Added “Show help contents on a browser” checkbox to “Global” tab in Preferences Window to use your default web browser to display and navigate through the Help Contents 
* The Exit Dialog will now allow you to save the session.
* “Disable timeline zoom with mouse wheel” option added to “Global” tab in Preferences Window (due to Mac issues)
* Ability to keep the initial and final time and/or percentage ratios in the cutter dialog by switching them
* In the Cutter dialog, the “Keep boundary events” option is disabled when the “Don’t break states” option is disabled
* A backup of paraver.xml is now generated.

* New compose functions: logarithm, Stack LRU, Accumulate
* Added a timeline tip below the time axis on Function Line
* Timeline with Paint As->Function Line or Punctual now plots the zero line as a dotted grey line
* Added option to the context menu to always draw the semantic minimum as zero in function line
* Gradient Function can be used on Function and Punctual Lines
* Added an “hex” check for the What/Where to represent hexadecimal semantic values 
* Added new tab “Colors” in the info panel that allows changing the code colours of a timeline
* Draw mode extended for Punctual timelines with Color Window selected

* Sort histogram columns selecting criteria from totals
* Added objects selection to histograms and allowing copy/paste to/from timelines
* Copy the selected cells in the histogram zoom to the clipboard
* Autofit Control Scale Zeros: explicitly counts values 0 adding a new column

* “Copy/paste default” between traces with different resources hierarchies wrongly pastes it (unless “paste objects” is disabled)
* Paraver shortcuts for open (CTRL+O) and close (CTRL+Q) do not work when the focus is on another window that isn't the main one
* After doing Open Control Window in an histogram, to a timeline's empty column, a timeline without selected objects is shown which causes a SegFault in any operation performed into it
* Task shifter does not work and doesn’t display any error message
* Paraver crashes on a controlled derived timeline whose parents used the “Join bursts” function
* Controlled function: enumerate doesn’t provide correct results
* If the timeline is closed on pressing the Cutter’s “Select Region…” button, no interaction can be performed until you reopen it and select a region
* In the derived timelines, when the factor is 0.001 (< 1 in absolute value), due to rounding the results are worse than dividing by the inverse
* Paste size to histograms (from either timeline or histograms) doesn’t redraw the rows correctly
* In the derived creating dialog, selecting the “All traces” window won’t select the chosen window, but the first one from the window list
* Paraver crashes on closing or accepting changes on an open dialog to a property, if the current window is changed
* Paraver crashes when a parameter of a semantic function is deleted and the focus is changed.
* After creating an Open Control Window in a histogram using a punctual Control Window and with a Punctual Window selected, the new window will not inherit this one
* Doing derived windows with the dialog could emplace that dialog as its secondary timeline another timeline with an incompatible hierarchy
* In the Cut & Filter dialog, warn if the input and output windows have the same name
* Creating an histogram using the control window from another compatible trace and then unloading from Paraver the latter trace, any histogram operation will cause a SegFault
* Paraver crashes if any window is resized when a Progress Dialog is shown
* Doing Open Control Filtered Window on an XY zoom over an histogram will show the appropriate objects on the zoom, but the selected object doesn't finish in the latter unlike what “Object Select... “ tells you.
* Cutter with a negative length will shift to the left even with the “Use Original Time” option disabled.