Dear users,

We are proud to announce that a new version of Paraver, 4.10.0, has been released!

You can download it from the Downloads page.



- Added linked properties to Basic Mode cfgs.
- New Save Image and Load CFG dialogs.
- Added semantic shift in derived timeline creation dialog.
- Compose complement (1.0-semantic value).
- Compose inverse (1.0/semantic value).
- New function for derived timelines: controlled average.
- Compose Divide by Burst Time: semantic value / burst duration.
- Added RGB color text edition in timeline panel "Colors".
- For all 2D "!= 0" statistics, zero values now display hyphens, and are not taken into consideration for the totals.
- The Event filter window will not grow up to the longest label.

- Saving a CFG file composed of timelines/histograms named with the same labels was wrongly saving one of them repeatedly.
- Loading a CFG file with derived timeline + level task + compose join burst hangs.
- Cutter: time selection/representation issues.
- Cutter: Microsoft windows GUI issues.
- Main window: Paraver crashes when loading a previous session containing a large trace via the session recovery dialog and cancelling the "Cut trace?" prompt.
- In a communications 3D histogram, the first plane was always used no matter the selected plane (between existing planes).
- Fixed timeline glitches on Mac OSX.
- "Save image legend" options are disabled when painting as "Function Line" or "Punctual".
- When saving an histogram image, the default name added the plane name even when drawing a 2D histogram.
- Task shifter: Wrong datetime in header in trace generated.
- Event cutter: events wrote to wrong file.
- Derived timeline: Crash when executing derived "controlled: add" or "controlled: maximum" if parent window is not in thread level.

- Finished support for wxWidgets 2.8.12 + external wxPropGrid.
- Code has been improved with some C++11/14 features.