Dear users,

We are proud to announce that a new version of Paraver, 4.10.1, has been released!

You can download it from the Downloads page.



- Added icon in timelines & histograms warning that they need an update because autoredraw is disabled.
- Hints enabled only if they can be applied to current trace.
- Import/export workspaces now uses a file that includes all the hints cfg files.
- New Trace Information dialog added to File menu.
- Added parameter 'Base' to 'exp' compose function.
- Added 'Run->User Command' to timelines pop up menu.
- Added copy/paste of custom color palette between timelines.
- Added copy/paste of columns sort between histograms.
- Added option to Preferences to keep cloned windows in the same synchronization group as the originals.
- Added option 'Keep events for threads without states' to Cutter dialog.

- Apply button in event selection dialog wasn't active if manual event values were inserted.
- Fixed some Save image dialog issues.
- Fixed crash if trying to change custom palette color after a 'Fit Semantic Scale'.
- Fixed crash if unnamed workspace was created.
- Fixed crash in paramedir if paraver.xml was malformed.
- Group synchronization time was not applied to new timeline if only a histogram was in the group.
- Fixed crash in new created or cloned histograms with 'Autoredraw' disabled.
- Cloning a histogram was copying the object selection from control window instead of the original histogram.
- Fixed Cutter dialog 'Select region' issues in Windows and Mac OSX.
- Fixed Cutter 'Remove last state' issue with final events.