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[ + added, - removed, * changed ]
* 16Oct2017 Reduces maximum number of arguments in intel-kmpc wrappers
+ 13Oct2017 Added fallback mechanism for taskloop instrumentation that recovers from runtime internal copies of the instrumented parameters
* 10Oct2017 Changes RECHECK_INIT macro so it also allocates nested helpers
* 29Sep2017 Fixes missing OMP user functions in parallel loops
* 29Sep2017 Fixes invalid reference to task_helper in GOMP_task and callme_task
* 21Sep2017 Sampling macros now check if task events have to be stored
* 10Aug2017 Fixes confusing error message when merger reaches quota limit
* 20Jul2017 Fixed wrong dependencies with OMPT in OpenMP libraries
+ 12Jul2017 New documentation using sphinx-doc
* 12Jul2017 Fixes configure check for without-cuda and without-cupti
* 10Jul2017 Make the I/O labels appear in the PCF only if each specific call has been used during the run
* 10Jul2017 Include elapsed time outside MPI in Test* calls
+ 14Jun2017 Added instrumentation support for OpenMP taskloop and ordered directives
* 6Jun2017 Make DLB available by default
+ 01Jun2017 Emits cpu_event for each OpenMP thread at least once
* 30May2017 Clears compilation warnings and MPI_HAS_MPI_F_STATUS_IGNORE bug
* 30May2017 Compiles and distributes a Fortran module to use the Extrae API with Fortran programs
+ 17May2017 Added instrumentation support for mpi_reduce_scatter_block, mpi_ireduce_scatter_block, mpi_alltoallw, mpi_ialltoallw, mpi_win_lock, mpi_win_unlock, mpi_get_accumulate
+ 12May2017 Added compatibility with new events in CUPTI 5 for stream creation
* 10May2017 Upgraded pyextrae support for Python 3 and added submodule for CUDA tracing
+ 02May2017 Adds intrumentation for kmpc dynamic memory routines
* 27Apr2017 Extrae_get_version API call now relies on the value instead of using a separate include file
* 26Apr2017 Initializes a different PEBS fd for every thread
* 26Apr2017 Don't exit when the binary is linked against multiple OpenMP runtimes
* 24Apr2017 Applied patch to emit a different event for the allocation id events
* 20Apr2017 Fixes typo in the convenience library for Intel KMPC wrappers
* 12Apr2017 Fixes CUDA tracing when using CUPTI
* 12Apr2017 Fixed missing dependency with librt in clocks module
* 11Apr2017 Changed PEBS initialization to activate in all the threads
* 04Apr2017 Unifies GNU OpenMP APIs in a single library
* 23Mar2017 Added missing initialization of control variables to keep track when we're in instrumentation or sampling that prevented PEBS sampling to trigger
* 22Mar2017 Fixed configure checks for Java instrumentation support
* 15Mar2017 pyextrae no longer requires a list of functions to instrument to activate the tracing
* 03Mar2017 Fixed missing python scripts after make install
* 14Feb2017 Fixed conflict between sampling and I/O tracing where we would capture I/O calls inside the sampling handler
* 13Feb2017 Fixed critical bug in __kmpc_fork_call due to the use of the non-reentrant par_func variable to store the user task pointer
* 13Feb2017 Upgraded Dyninst compabitility to series 9.x
* 31Jan2017 Fixes bug in libdwarf detection macro
* 12Jan2017 Fixes shared-libraries tests being compiled during 'make' instead of during 'make check'
+ 28Dec2016 Add instrumentation support for sched_yield syscall and others
+ 27Dec2016 Added support for Python MPI and multiprocessing tracing
* 13Dec2016 Adds new build information into script
* 13Dec2016 Adds tracing of MPI IO size in Fortran
* 01Dec2016 Increases default buffer size in the examples by x10
* 17Nov2016 Patched IO calls again to save/restore the value of errno twice, before and after calling the real I/O symbol
* 14Nov2016 Builds additional C/Fortran tracing library by default
* 14Nov2016 Fixes MPI_Ialltoallv label
- 08Nov2016 Removed flag -Wall from tests/overhead
* 08Nov2016 Patched IO calls to save/restore the value of errno at entry/exit of the wrappers
* 07Nov2016 Fixes PEBS memory translations
* 27Oct2016 Fixes Fortran interfaces for MPI3 non-blocking collective calls
* 21Oct2016 Changed checks in IO wrappers to ensure the compiler doesn't optimize the conditions and tests for an invalid THREADID
* 14Oct2016 Fixed interface and wrapper for MPI_Intercomm_create that had a recursion
* 14Oct2016 Added event for memkind partition
* 11Oct2016 Fixes online and dyninst tests
* 10Oct2016 Fixes IO segfault when opening non-existing file and enables it by default
* 10Oct2016 Updated configure check for newer Cray XT systems
* 23Sep2016 Fixed Java and MPI checks
* 23Sep2016 Run JAVA checks with make check instead of with make installcheck
* 22Sep2016 Fixes for make check
+ 14Sep2016 Adds XML counter distribution (thread-cyclic) to allow each thread to read a different counter set
+ 12Sep2016 Adds states for memory allocation calls
* 08Sep2016 Changed management of MPI_Cancel calls
+ 07Sep2016 Adds event marking the periodicity of CPU events emission
* 06Sep2016 Changed environment scripts and to locate the EXTRAE_HOME path automatically
* 06Sep2016 Fixes BFD configure check
* 02Sep2016 Removes strict XML version check
* 08Ago2016 Fixes make uninstall
* 04Aug2016 Fixed bug in configure macro to check for pebs sampling