You can download it at:

* Timeline zoom in/out using mouse wheel (time only by default, +ctrl also for objects)
* Timeline pan using Shift+mouse drag&drop (time only by default, +ctrl also for objects)
* Timeline view function line fusing all objects (contextual menu->Paint As->Fused lines)
* OpenMP enabled by default in Linux packages
* In cfg files, filter events section uses symbolic info by default
* Multiscreen support
* Added slope information in what/where timing tab
* Timeline zoom over semantic limits when only one object is shown
* Added histogram statistic Minimum
* Timeline communications to self object drawn from top to middle
* Run application dialog not modal (allows background execution)
* Command line image save option (-i) doesn't show message dialogs
* Improved error messages in paramedir
* Removed old event-translator


BUG FIXED: not valid characters when saving files changed to underscore
BUG FIXED: bad windows positioning using the combination gnome-shell+wxwidgets 3+gtk 3
BUG FIXED: loading cfg in punctual view mode sometimes crashes
BUG FIXED: "Thread i" semantic function now uses objects from 1 to n
BUG FIXED: paramedir cutter with empty/wrong xml file didn't complain