You can download it at:

* Synchronize improvements: many groups, histograms included and save them in cfg files.
* Semantic code color: info panel legend and mouse over use only visible colors.
* Computing progress bar: only shown for traces bigger than 10mb and cancel button responsiveness improved.
* Help/Tutorials window: bsc banner links to tools documentation webpage (opens default system browser).
* Paramedir csv file generation on current directory by default.
* Paramedir: option to use time units from trace (-tu) and option to show objects hierarchy (-obj).
* Trace parsing CPU check improved.

BUG FIXED: openmp version crashes on derived timelines with different parent levels.
BUG FIXED: compatibility check between timelines when creating derived ones.
BUG FIXED: warning when saving on directory without permissions.
BUG FIXED: histogram zoom history not updated on auto fit and copy control scale options.
BUG FIXED: when creating histograms without creation dialog, control timeline wasn't properly set if it belongs to a derived window.
BUG FIXED: removing timelines used by histograms disabled.
BUG FIXED: crash when moving windows between virtual desktops on ubuntu using multiple monitors.