You can download it at:

* Punctual timeline view can be colored using another timeline.
* Trace load time reduced by 25%.
* Added short/long labels button to histograms and events filter dialog.
* Added --with-propgrid flag to configure script.
* Avoided histogram recompute when saving to CSV file.
* Ctrl+V shortcut changed to paste default option.
* Histogram contextual menu order changed: paste dimensions next to paste control scale.
* Histogram buttons order changed.

BUG FIXED: infinite loop in redraw when reducing timeline size to minimum.
BUG FIXED: paste control dimensions add one extra column.
BUG FIXED: wrong help message in task-shifter (paramedir).
BUG FIXED: wrong identifiers in cfgs when derived of derived windows are saved.
BUG FIXED: DELETE key press removes windows even when editing text.
BUG FIXED: running Dimemas with whole trace create links in original folder, not in temporal.
BUG FIXED: in cutter dialog, button All Window never activates.